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Egyptian Regime: A Model of Arab Hypocrisy

Egyptian Regime: A Model of Arab HypocrisyWhile the

hypocrisy and deception of Arab leaders toward the West have reached serious levels, Western leaders continue to compromise and jeopardize our future by failing to find alternative energy sources,allowing Arab investments and receiving Arab culture. This enables the camel riders to penetrate our society and maneuver it to meet their goals.

The Arabs have gained new confidence in their agenda for the free world as Western political leaders go about their business. More importantly, Arabs have made inroads into our society thanks to the limitations on free speech called political correctness and various media controlled by petrol dollars.

Political correctness is taught in early childhood education to assure that our children grow up from a very young age accepting a certain reality. Political correctness can be interpreted as a form of brainwashing and prevents recognition of the goals and methods of our enemy.

Western leaders deal with Arabs in the same way that they deal with Western operatives in the Western world, forgetting that Arabs need to be treated in accordance with their own culture. Any plan that Arabs work to implement will serve to reverse the progress of our civilization and lead us back to the sixth century. Arabs are taking great advantage of our civil and democratic ways to achieve their goal of control of the West, a longtime dream of theirs to convert the whole world to Islam.

Western culture today does not allow us to be aggressors to force our ideas upon other nations. On the other hand, living in an era of technology makes the world connected, and we cannot ignore other cultural realities. The West tries to export democracy and modernism, but can we win by fighting the wind? Furthermore, who would dare travel into a jungle without carrying a defense weapon for protection? Who would even try to discuss civil behavior with primitives living in a jungle?

In order to make my point clear and this dilemma better understood, let us focus on both the Egyptian regime today and the history of Arabs leading Egypt.

First of all, Egypt has been ruled by Arabs for 1,432 years. Egypt is now one of our so-called Western friends, and the West is considered to have a close relationship with this regime. Furthermore, Egypt is considered a leader in the Arab-Muslim world.

The Egyptian regime has been leading international terrorism since 1952 when a military coup took over. Nasser created one of the twentieth century's most infamous heads of terrorism, Yasser Arafat. Nasser and Arafat together succeeded in building the bloodiest terrorist group ever to be recognized in modern history with the express purpose of killing the Jewish infidels.

At that time, the politically correct name given for this group was "Fedayeen," not terrorists. After years of killing innocent people in the Middle East and around the world, Arafat was recognized for the great work he and his group accomplished, and he was honored with the Nobel Peace Prize in 1994 along with Yitzhak Rabin and Shimon Peres.

The current dictator of Egypt, Hosni Mubarak, learned well from his predecessors the lesson of how to fool Westerners. He is excellent in generating fake peace summits while financing, training and dispatching terrorists around the world.

Mubarak is the Arabic leader who talks to his Western friends, espousing peace, defending democratic principles and agreeing with individual human rights, while inside Egypt he instigates hate against these same friends, deeming them Western infidels.

For the past 29 years, Mubarak has imposed a law that allowed his regime to use law enforcement agents to act without any regulation against Egyptian citizens.
All Egyptian citizens live in fear reminiscent of the Hitler regime. Historically, Copts are living in one of the worst times ever under this dictatorial regime. Their current persecution evokes the sad memory of the first Arab invasion and massacre of millions of Copts.

On January22, 2010, Mubarak spoke at Al Azhar University to celebrate Science day! After 29 years of denying the existence of religious discrimination and all other discrimination in Egypt against Copts and other minorities, the Egyptian president on this day spoke to all Egyptians from this institution of higher learning that forbids Copts to attend because of their faith!

However Copts are taxpayers and Al Azhar University is a public university financed with Egyptian taxpayer money, as well as aid funding from United States and other Western countries.

Al Azhar University originatedin975 AD as a religious institution to teach Islam. It was privately funded, and Copts were not interested in attending to study another religion.

After the military coup of 1952, Nasser expanded it to teach subjects other than religion. In the Egyptian university system there is a finite number of enrollment slots, so the grades of a student graduating high school determines which state university he or she may attend.

For example, when a student with an 80% grade level is accepted into medical school at Cairo University, a Muslim student with less than 60% would be accepted into the same school in Al Azhar University. A Coptic student with less than 60% cannot find a place in any school belonging to any university in the country, and he or she then must choose between repeating a year of study, hoping to achieve higher grades in the following one, or accepting study at an interim school such as a two year community college in the USA. Meanwhile, his Muslim friend with the same grades gets accepted to medical school at Al Azhar University!

In Mr. Mubarak's current speech at Al Azhar University, he clearly threatened Copts with his strong message of opposition to those in Egypt and those in the Diaspora who madethe demonstrations and protests in response to the Nag Hammadi massacre.

The Copts were able to embarrass Mubarak and his regime with civil and peaceful protesting inside and outside Egypt which shed light on Egypt's deplorable actions and allowed Western governments to begin to see the real face of the regime.

Ashraf Ramelah

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